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Toby Imah

Chief Marketing & Investment Officer

Toby is a Dallas, Texas native that began his real estate journey in 2016.

He started as a fix-and-flipper but quickly learned that holding properties long-term was the best avenue for his family's legacy. Toby transacted in over 120 real estate deals before pivoting to a “buy and hold” model. 

As a seasoned single-family investor, his unique ability to source opportunities and raise capital paired swimmingly in the multifamily real estate arena. He transitioned into multi-family real estate because of the economies of scale, tax advantages, and overall simplicity. 

He is the Chief Marketing and Investment Officer for Meliorem Capital and is typically one of the first hands you will shake. He specializes in acquisitions, broker relations, and capital raising strategies. The desire to enrich communities, cultivate lasting relationships, and increase profitability is what fuels Toby and the Meliorem team. 

When he isn’t talking real estate, he is spending time with his family, attending church, or helping out in his local community. He has partnered with several organizations like the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, The Red Cross, and  Habitat for Humanity.