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A US Citizen, a full-time real estate investor, and an asset manager of a passive income portfolio. Hadar has been Investing in Real Estate for over two decades, specializing in long-distance, out-of-state investing and asset management.

Started as a Licensed Real Estate agent in Israel before Immigrating to New Zealand in 2003.

Hadar’s portfolio includes Multi-Family apartments and Commercial Triple Net Leases Real Estate in NZ and the United States.

In the US with MFIHolding.com, Hadar is focused on Multi-Family Apartment Buildings that have value-add upside potential.

Over the years Hadar implemented different strategies which include wholesaling, house flipping, subdivision, new construction, commercial NNN real estate, joint ventures, and multifamily investing.

Hadar enjoys helping both seasoned real estate investors and those new to real estate investing reach their wealth, income, and portfolio goals through multifamily real estate investing

Hadar loves real estate investing and the freedom it creates.