meliōrem (mee-lee-OR-um): Latin – better/to make better; to make optimal.

Our Team

 The MELCAP team is designed around the meliorem concept of constant, daily improvement in our systems & processes, from deal acquisition to asset management to deal disposition. 

Aaron Clopton
Founder, Chief Executive Officer


Aaron Clopton began investing in multifamily properties in 2015 with the purchase of one townhome. Since then, along with his wife Sarah, Aaron has purchased eighteen additional units in Kansas and Missouri as sole owners of local multifamily properties.

Toby Imah
Chief Marketing & Investment Officer

Toby Imah

He started as a fix-and-flipper but quickly learned that holding properties long-term was the best avenue for his family’s legacy. Toby transacted in over 120 real estate deals before pivoting to a “buy and hold” model.

Vien Nguyen
Chief Operating Officer

Vien Nguyen

Vien received a BS/MS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2010. She has been working in the oil & gas industry for the past 11+ years as a facilities engineer/project manager.

Dr. Fred Manavi
Chief Financial Officer


Fred graduated with a DDS  Degree (Doctor of Dental Surgery ) from University Pacific, San Francisco in 1990. Having a strong entrepreneurial spirit  along with management skills he acquired over time helped him grow his dental company to 43 locations.  He sold his dental company with a revenue of over 100 million dollars a year to a private equity group in 2023. Throughout the years, Fred had been involved in investment and development of single and multifamily, commercial, retail, and short-term rental properties as LP , GP and principal.

Fred joined the Meliorem  group in 2022 and is committed to help grow and expand the existing portfolio and to serve MelCap investors and residents.

Marco Barbaro

Marco Barbaro

In 1996, Marco graduated from Fairfield University and turned down a job with GE Capital to go into the restaurant business with his brother Gino.

At the age of 23, he bought his first multifamily property, a 4-family, in New York.

Hadar Orkibi

Hadar Orkibi

A US Citizen, a full-time real estate investor, and an asset manager of a passive income portfolio. Hadar has been Investing in Real Estate for over two decades, specializing in long-distance, out-of-state investing and asset management.

Our Portfolio


Tulsa, OK

25 units


December 2021

The Luxor


14 units


January 2022

Santa Fe


10 units


December 2021

The Avery

Tulsa, OK

 174 units


July 2022

About Meliorem Capital

Our mission is to team up with like-minded and sophisticated real estate investors to acquire assets where we can add value, generate passive income, maximize investor returns, and best of all improve people’s lives.


Designed around the notion that together we always have more to contribute to making lives, communities, and our futures a little better.  We believe that multifamily real estate plays a unique role in building stronger communities through optimizing the individual conditions of residents and enhancing the social capital of a locale.


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