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Ramifications from our post-COVID world continue to resonate throughout our daily lives with a reach that is both deep and wide. But few industries have been impacted as much as real estate.  From  reshaping demand in asset type, from setting a tipping point of home values in the residential market, to establishing new protocol for health and sanitation standards. But a growing by-product out of our pandemic chapter is the rise of the mid-term rental.

While far more awareness has been made on short-term rentals (less than 1 mos. – heavily popularized by AirBnB, VRBO, Vacasa, etc.) – and the traditional long-term rental (12 mos.+ rentals in, Zillow, Trulia, etc.), mid-term rentals are typically thought of as any rental in between those time periods – between 1 and 12 mos.


Naturally, the idea of location freedom has triggered much of this rise. Typical candidates for mid-term rentals include:

Remote Workers

work-from-home employees realized that they truly have location freedom and chose to explore roaming about the country while working. To accommodate this demand, mid-term rental options appeared across the country. Communities even promoted civic-backed programs to lure such workers – Tulsa Remote being one successful program where relocating workers can receive a $10k grant and co-working space downtown. Communities also are then able to attract remote workers to help fight out-migration in challenged regions and cities of the U.S.


also experienced location freedom similar to remote workers as the rise of increasing virtual-education opportunities continued on a long pre-pandemic trend. Because of this, event traditional-aged college students have become less-tied to a physical college campus and are now afforded more options in their living selections. 

Traveling Nurses

Traveling nurses have been on the forefront of nomadic, mid-term job placements. The movement picked up steam in the 1980’s to meet a growing supply-demand deficit in the nursing industry. The need for nursing experience has only increased since then, and the housing options have been fighting to accommodate this move ever since. Government regulations in healthcare, an aging population, and, of course, a world-wide pandemic have all contributed to escalating presence of traveling nurses in many communities.

  • Though far from limited to this list, examples of mid-term renters you are most likely to see (aside from students and nurses) are: doctors, IT professionals, film crews, engineer and construction contractors, and military/government officials.

Most importantly, you need to be able to attract the specific mid-term renter that you desire for your property.  The purpose of this post, then, is to present to you the THREE best sites for advertising your mid-term rental property:




designed for furnished properties to be rented in mid-term lengths to both students and professionals across the country (including 100+ cities). Founders of Kopa created the site out of a similar need and the entire Kopa experience is built around connecting people as much as they about listing and availing properties. Kopa currently has over 2m renters and over 300 corporate partners.




Estabished in 2024 and is now one of the strongest platforms in this arena. The company is a faith-based private company that donates at least 10% of their profits each year. The focus of the company is on healthcare professionals and used by over 100k travelling nurses and over 100 medical staffing companies (there is also a sister site: Travel Nurse Housing), though they cater to all mid-term rent searches. These include over 70m housing searches and 180m page views each year. They offer free tenant screenings and advice on to best-prepare for, and provide support to, the mid-term tenant. Notably, they take no booking fees or commissions, either.




The final top mid-term rental site is CorporateHousingbyOwner, or CHBO. This is the oldest of the three sites with over 35 years in the corporate housing rental market, and with the site operating in its current form since 2005. CHBO specializes in getting properties advertised and being able to provide options such as free property valuations, videography, photography, internet advertising, property certification, and more. Another strength of CHBO is the wealth of resources it offers for free, including a CHBO owner handbook and a blog of guides and how-to’s for property owners/managers. CHBO also connects specifically with direct partners in travel nurse corporate housing, military and government corporate housing, business and educatio corporate housing, and more.

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